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"Sondergard has a lot to say and her CD, the aptly titled Spoke Too Loud, is the perfect soapbox from which she can air her thoughts."

- Mike Alvarez, San Diego Troubadour

“The lovely and talented Sheila Sondergard will first capture you with her eyes, but listen, close your eyes and listen! She's been a staple of the local San Diego music scene for years and has grown into a top notch songwriter and performer! Great songs, style and grace! She rock's and seduces, that's Sheila Sondergard...”

                                                         -Tim Pyles FM 94.9 

     Hi, I'm Sheila.  I leaned on music in my youth. I have six sisters that I'm close with and they all enjoy the arts. I was introduced to the trumpet at nine years old, guitar at 11 and the piano many years later.

      Since 2003 my music ambitions have increasingly become known in the Southern California music scene thanks to many people and friends. This gal has had the opportunity to emcee and perform aside many noted artists at several diverse venues mapped throughout. I am grateful for every one of these happenings.

     I was raised in over 20 different locations, bananas I know, including New Jersey, Colorado, the Black Hills of South Dakota/Wyoming, Maui, Guatemala and currently in San Diego. My cultural family gave me many styles of music to absorb.

     I would love to enhance your environment.



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